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  • What are the expiry dates on the products sold?
    The products sold on have expiry dates between 1year to 3years to give you a suitable amount of time to use them. Unfortunately, we are unable to individually select items with longer expiry.
  • Can Bingkiss products be used during pregnancy?
    Spray : We advice you to consult your healthcare practitioner. Toothpaste : Yes. You can use Blingkiss toothpaste during pregnancy.
  • Are  Blingkiss products tested on animals?
    Blingkiss will not test finished products on animals.
  • Can I place an order over the phone?
    No. We currently do not accept orders over the phone.
  • What’s the difference between MILD, COOL and EXTRA for Blingkiss Propolis spray?"
    Mild : Contains standard concentration of propolis and mint. Recommended to the elderly and kids. Cool : Contains standard concentration of propolis and high concentration of mint. Recommended to those who love cool mint flavour. Extra : Contains high concentration of propolis and standard concentration of mint. Recommend to those who got sore throats or symptoms of colds.
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